Thursday, August 29, 2013

I won a giveaway from 8bit Healey.

Do you ever look at someone else's craft and think to yourself, "damn, I'm not that good"? That was kind of the thought process I had when the other love of my life, Anthony, showed me the work of 8bit Healey. Her name is also Megan...perhaps Anthony has a very specific name based type?  I mean look at this shit-
She takes (the coolest things ever) old school video games and makes pixelated quilts and Pokeroses (which I think I need in my life). What could be better? Not quite sold on the ones above? Ok, well, you suck then, but here's one that everyone in the world has to love-
OH MY GOD this is the best thing ever. The work, the craftsmanship, the hours. I don't have that much dedication to anything. I look at this and think, "I can do that", but I won't. Ever. It would take a lifetime for me to do that, maybe a little more than that. 
Honestly, I kind of want to commission an entire Mario or Zelda themed bed set.
Dustin is completely on board for this idea, I should add. 
Maybe someday in a land called, "Megan has enough spare cash to have all her wildest dreams come true".

And now for my prize-
You should know, when I think I actually have a chance of winning something, I will Facebook share the crap out of it. And then when I actually do (I've only ever won maybe one other thing in my life) I get way too excited and check the mail obsessively till it comes in. This came in a day early, what what. 
 It's so adorable and well made. I want to catch them all, surrounding myself in Pokemon and ponies. 

Now, go to her shop and buy all her things but leave some for me. 

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