Tuesday, August 27, 2013

DIY or die

Have you ever actually gone through the column on the left, with all the blogs I read? Well as of late Anna-Christina has been my favorite favorite. Girl has got some style and talent that I envy. But OH NO she never posts anymore. So being a super internet girl crush stalker that I am, I found her tumblr, THE ANNACHRIST, I was excited. And then I found out she does stick'n'poke tattoos on herself and other and HOLY BALLS THAT'S THE BEST THING I'VE EVER HEARD OF.
And she offers a handy tutorial-
Image taken from THEANNACHRIST tumblr and please refer back to it for the full instructions and safety pro-cautions.
It's easy to follow, easy to do, and I'm pretty sure I was careful enough to not get blood poisoning. 
 Per her recommendations I also ordered autoclave needles and StarBrite ink from Amazon. I got 100 needles and the ink for maybe $10. I'm treating the needles as one time use only, to be safe. And I went with baby blue because I figured if I really fucked up it wouldn't be as noticeable and I could try to pick it out as it healed.
I actually did a pretty ok job. Yeah this is a bad photo, and yes it's a little wonky, but it's my first try and imperfect and I love it. I might add more later. It's actually really cute. Dustin, who from the beggining said this was stupid and he'd never let me try on him has admitted it looks pretty damn good and has already asked for one. But man this picture is like, really bad. 
But now I just want to keep doing them. It's worse than the cracked out feeling of more more more you get when you start getting tattoos. Because I did this myself.
 And then I couldn't sleep so I made this collage piece. 
 I'm thinking about doing a tutorial on how I do my hair, this is the first step in the process. It takes little to no effort to get your hair all wavy and nappy like mine. So maybe I will. 
  AND this is my super hot husband
While he was fighting to be in pictures on the internet I had to remind him that things aren't real unless you put them on the internet lol, I kid, I kid. 

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