Friday, August 30, 2013

DIY Butterfly Mobile

NOTE- I'm pretty sure this was a tutorial I saw years ago and finally got around to making, I tried to find this possible tutorial and had no such luck. If it was yours, I'm sorry.
 You'll need-
36 felt butterflies (double them up, so you'll end up with 18)
a metal hoop
glue, I used stick glue and E6000 
embroidery floss
 Start by covering your entire hoop, depending on how big you're making this will determine how much floss you need. I used an 8 inch hoop and it took almost an entire skive. Also, dab some glue where you start and finish to keep everything in place and secure.  
 Next-have your husband help you figure out how to turn 3 rows of 18 into 4.
(4 rows, 2 of 5, 2 of 4)
Yes I needed help because I was about to have a breakdown trying to make a pattern and 4 rows. 
 You could go the sewing route and sew these like I garland, but I used E6000 down the center and on all the corners then sandwiched the floss in between. It worked extremely well and looked just as good. 
Secure all 4 of your lines equal distance apart, it helps to hold it up every now and then to make sure it's still evenly hanging.
 Cut 2 strands, twice as long as you want it to hang. I did this to strengthen the whole thing and prevent it from falling on my kids head in the middle of the night. Tie them to the same points you added the garlands and secure in place with glue. 
I cut out these butterflies, years ago, and finally finished this project today. The longest part was covering the hoop, but you could cut down that time if you used a thicker material. 

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