Friday, January 25, 2013

Watergun Makeover DIY

I hate the word steampunk. 
 I'd seen a few of these online and I was like, pssh I can do that. 

yeah there's really no explanation for this picture. I was doing something else for this project my friend an I are working on and it was like hey that gun is done too you know. 


  1. lol I hate the word steam punk too. It's like it's own cult but I seriously love some of the stuff people come up with! This is awesome... I found a couple mini water guns in my draw the other day... I'm ready for summer. Last year my friend filled one with vodka for me on my bday it was awesome because when we went to the bar no one expected it!

    1. I feel you. I wish they were called anything else, anything. Some of the costumes are amazing and the gadgets. But why why WHY must htey call themselves that?!
      And lol, that's clever. I might do that. Or get a "wine bra" HA! I still haven't used my Star Wars flask for anything