Thursday, January 24, 2013

Long Sleeve to Shrug DIY Recon

I refuse to buy things I can just make myself. So instead of spending $60+ on a shrug I saw online I took a F21 long sleeved tank and just made one.
 ^said F21 shirt^
Put the shirt on and trace with chalk where your boobs are, trace slightly above this. Cut on the line you just traced.
 Try the shirt on...did you make it too short? That's cool, take a section using the bottom seem and make it the right length. Since I do all my sewing by hand I embrace it, using obvious thread and creating rough outside seams. Now, take some more of the leftover fabric and lengthen the sleeves as much as you want. So take some fabric, fold it over in half to match the cuff width and cut. I actually lengthened mine about 5 inches because I was going for the slouchy wrist look. All you have to do is sew up one side and attach that to the existing sleeve seam.
 See what I'm saying?
 After trying it on I realized that because of the original fit of the shirt it was too loose in the back. I took the shrug, folded it in half and sewed through about 2 inches in. This created a back seam that I'm pretty pleased with because I felt like it needed a little something anyways.
This is a shrug, meant to be worn OVER a shirt, Don't let me see you trying to rock this shit as a shirt. If I say something is too slutty, it's too slutty, trust me.
 It's a bit crooked in this one.

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