Wednesday, September 11, 2013

DIY Mushroom Collage

Made from magazines and glue. I saw something and wanted it so I made it.
That seems to be all I do these days. It's like I finally have the time and support to craft again and all I can do is copy what I've seen. I just feel so uninspired to do anything original lately. I don't just want to recreate everything but I can't seem to make anything else/ 

In other news, Dustin bought me the ring of my dreams. A chocolate/olive brown rough cut diamond ring. I've wanted one since I found out it was an option. I'm in love, I can't wait for it to get here. It's beautiful.  

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Simple little feather restyle

 I was looking at elaborate feather extensions online when I realized I could just make one. So I combined all these little ones into a larger one. 
 Took about 5 minutes and cost nothing since I used a bunch that I already owned. I'd like to keep adding feathers, or make some other really larger ones. 

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Piranha Plant Painting

Saw this on pinterest, actually nailed it. Done on a random piece of card stock I got for free, with one of those super cheap strips of water colors you get at grocery stores for like a dollar. Took a few hours to get the colors as saturated as I wanted, worked on it till 2 this morning. 

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

This is a post about rocks

I've always loved rocks and minerals, for as long as I can remember I've wanted to find a fossil. After taking geology a few semesters back I know more than I ever thought I would and can identify rocks and minerals just out and about in the wild. If rocks live in the wild?
 And there's a mineral and rock shop less than 3 miles from my house. I went there for the first time today, it's great. Hello new favorite store, plus they have all this fantastic vintage silver and turquoise jewelry.  
 For the first time in my life I bought a geode. 

 They had grab bags and I mean how could I not? Plus look at the coolness that was inside, and how pretty that necklace is. 
 I made this collage necklace from specimen I bought at a local farmers market, they were supposedly all "local" specimen, but when I pointed out the actual location some of these came from, the price mysteriously dropped. I also bought a few of these from the Natural History museum in Denver. 

 When I took geology I had to buy this entire kit of minerals, rocks, and all the testing supplies. After the class was over I needed to do something with them all and I had this display bell jar. I had been holding on to display for literally years, not totally sure what to do with it but refusing to let it go.  I just glued them in there and sealed the jar down.
Everything in this picture was purchased from various thrift stores over the years. 

Saturday, August 31, 2013

DIY Tshirt Reconstruction

My best friend bought me this shirt in a thrift store, while making a "Megan, this shirts too big for you face." Well, I fixed it.
 Clearly this shirt is too big, let's size it way waaaayyyy down. 
 Cut the shirt up the sides and across the top. Use a shirt you don't mind loosing, that fits well, as a template and cut around, allowing an inch or so for seam allowance. 
You should end up with this, I spent a little extra time cleaning up an imperfections and evening things out a bit. Stitch up the side and straps. That's it.
This project took me a little longer because I do all my sewing by hand, but it's incredibly easy to replicate.

Friday, August 30, 2013

DIY Butterfly Mobile

NOTE- I'm pretty sure this was a tutorial I saw years ago and finally got around to making, I tried to find this possible tutorial and had no such luck. If it was yours, I'm sorry.
 You'll need-
36 felt butterflies (double them up, so you'll end up with 18)
a metal hoop
glue, I used stick glue and E6000 
embroidery floss
 Start by covering your entire hoop, depending on how big you're making this will determine how much floss you need. I used an 8 inch hoop and it took almost an entire skive. Also, dab some glue where you start and finish to keep everything in place and secure.  
 Next-have your husband help you figure out how to turn 3 rows of 18 into 4.
(4 rows, 2 of 5, 2 of 4)
Yes I needed help because I was about to have a breakdown trying to make a pattern and 4 rows. 
 You could go the sewing route and sew these like I garland, but I used E6000 down the center and on all the corners then sandwiched the floss in between. It worked extremely well and looked just as good. 
Secure all 4 of your lines equal distance apart, it helps to hold it up every now and then to make sure it's still evenly hanging.
 Cut 2 strands, twice as long as you want it to hang. I did this to strengthen the whole thing and prevent it from falling on my kids head in the middle of the night. Tie them to the same points you added the garlands and secure in place with glue. 
I cut out these butterflies, years ago, and finally finished this project today. The longest part was covering the hoop, but you could cut down that time if you used a thicker material. 

Thursday, August 29, 2013

I won a giveaway from 8bit Healey.

Do you ever look at someone else's craft and think to yourself, "damn, I'm not that good"? That was kind of the thought process I had when the other love of my life, Anthony, showed me the work of 8bit Healey. Her name is also Megan...perhaps Anthony has a very specific name based type?  I mean look at this shit-
She takes (the coolest things ever) old school video games and makes pixelated quilts and Pokeroses (which I think I need in my life). What could be better? Not quite sold on the ones above? Ok, well, you suck then, but here's one that everyone in the world has to love-
OH MY GOD this is the best thing ever. The work, the craftsmanship, the hours. I don't have that much dedication to anything. I look at this and think, "I can do that", but I won't. Ever. It would take a lifetime for me to do that, maybe a little more than that. 
Honestly, I kind of want to commission an entire Mario or Zelda themed bed set.
Dustin is completely on board for this idea, I should add. 
Maybe someday in a land called, "Megan has enough spare cash to have all her wildest dreams come true".

And now for my prize-
You should know, when I think I actually have a chance of winning something, I will Facebook share the crap out of it. And then when I actually do (I've only ever won maybe one other thing in my life) I get way too excited and check the mail obsessively till it comes in. This came in a day early, what what. 
 It's so adorable and well made. I want to catch them all, surrounding myself in Pokemon and ponies. 

Now, go to her shop and buy all her things but leave some for me. 

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

DIY or die

Have you ever actually gone through the column on the left, with all the blogs I read? Well as of late Anna-Christina has been my favorite favorite. Girl has got some style and talent that I envy. But OH NO she never posts anymore. So being a super internet girl crush stalker that I am, I found her tumblr, THE ANNACHRIST, I was excited. And then I found out she does stick'n'poke tattoos on herself and other and HOLY BALLS THAT'S THE BEST THING I'VE EVER HEARD OF.
And she offers a handy tutorial-
Image taken from THEANNACHRIST tumblr and please refer back to it for the full instructions and safety pro-cautions.
It's easy to follow, easy to do, and I'm pretty sure I was careful enough to not get blood poisoning. 
 Per her recommendations I also ordered autoclave needles and StarBrite ink from Amazon. I got 100 needles and the ink for maybe $10. I'm treating the needles as one time use only, to be safe. And I went with baby blue because I figured if I really fucked up it wouldn't be as noticeable and I could try to pick it out as it healed.
I actually did a pretty ok job. Yeah this is a bad photo, and yes it's a little wonky, but it's my first try and imperfect and I love it. I might add more later. It's actually really cute. Dustin, who from the beggining said this was stupid and he'd never let me try on him has admitted it looks pretty damn good and has already asked for one. But man this picture is like, really bad. 
But now I just want to keep doing them. It's worse than the cracked out feeling of more more more you get when you start getting tattoos. Because I did this myself.
 And then I couldn't sleep so I made this collage piece. 
 I'm thinking about doing a tutorial on how I do my hair, this is the first step in the process. It takes little to no effort to get your hair all wavy and nappy like mine. So maybe I will. 
  AND this is my super hot husband
While he was fighting to be in pictures on the internet I had to remind him that things aren't real unless you put them on the internet lol, I kid, I kid. 

Friday, August 16, 2013

I'm not dead

I didn't have internet for a good long while. Or was brutal. But I did read all the Game of Thrones books in a matter of weeks.
Anyways, I'm not dead, I'll work on being more present now that I can.
Oh and Dustin and I reconciled, I've since moved back to Colorado Springs to be with him and Abbey. It's pretty great. 

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Let's recap

Today I-
got free watermelon for breakfast for being pretty
had an amazing 1st interview for a new/second job
found out I've lost 6lbs (12 to go)

I've been waiting on these pictures specifically, other people took pictures of me in from of the TARDIS so...I guess they don't watch Doctor Who or they'd know I've got nothing to do with it. 

Note to self-find new ways to hold sword. 

Monday, June 3, 2013

Denver Comic Con 2013

I'm probably just going to dump all these every time I find or get new ones from last weekend. Because it was super fun. Next year I should not slack off on my costumes until the last minute.

 hey just so you know, not a lot of people really get it if you cosplay as a Rugrat. 

 ^kind of a huge deal to me^

 aaaaaannnnnd I'm still waiting on the ones I really really wanted to see of myself.