Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Return of The DIY Tshirt Recon

That's right! It's back! Today we're turning an over sized shirt into a fitted mini dress using the simplest method possible.
 You will need-
an over sized shirt
something to cut around (a dress, a shirt, whatever, as long as it doesn't stretch)
scissors, needle, thread or floss
 I'm using this fantastical unicorn shirt Brandon won at the Start Up event we went to and gave to me.
 Cut off the sleeves, cut out the collar, don't pay much attention to the collar, you'll fix that later. Make sure the sleeves end where you want them to on your ribs. Lay the NON STRETCHING fitted piece of clothing on top of your shirt and cut around, adding and inch or so for seem allowance and just to be safe. 
 flip inside out, sew up the sides. 
Now try on your dress and fix the sleeves/neck line. I like my stuff lower cut and I always go with a V. (fold your dress in half and cut all four layers at once so it'll be even) 
 Now, anyone whose cut out a tshirt collar knows you're always left with weird too loose bust line. To avoid this, cut slits in the back in a triangle pattern. 
 "braid" up the back, and sew the last few layers together. 
 And now you have turned an over sized shirt into a mini dress, go you. 

 See what I mean about V necks? 
And special thanks to for providing the t shirt for this project. 

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  1. Awesome! You just inspired me to go through my husbands old t-shirts and go crazy! I'm gonna have a hella lot of mini-dresses. Thanks for the tips!