Saturday, December 1, 2012

Muir Woods

Going through my phone yesterday I found the pictures I took in Muir Woods! For some reason my phone saved them in a different file. So while you may have thought you were done seeing vacation photos, you weren't. These are a bit different though.
 This was like, the most amazing place I've been. I know I've said that before. It was just all so lush, green, and moist. It was amazing. We walked as far as we could with the stroller. I really kind of wish Abbey was older or we had the option not to take so because I just didn't want to stop. 

 I wish I had a moss collecting permit like no other. Everything was covered in the most amazing forms in all shades of green you can imagine. 

 And the fungus! Mushrooms everywhere. It was beautiful. 
I'm going to make a point of it to go to Muir every time I go back to San Francisco. 

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