Monday, December 3, 2012

Currently obsessed

Marimo Balls
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"Marimo literally means seaweed ball. It is a species of filamentous green algae that grow into large green balls with a velvet like appearance, also known as Cladophora ball, Lake ball, and, in some cases Moss Balls." sourceSaid to bring happiness and good luck and blah blah blah look at how cute they are!

Since receiving the Bright Idea terrarium  from Run2theWild and seeing how awesome and easy it is to keep alive I've been looking into other low low (ok, more like no) maintenance plants. While I was looking at terrarium kits today I kept coming across these adorable fuzzy little balls of joy. I want one so bad! I kind of wish it had googley eyes. 
I love how simple and pretty these are all and I can't wait for mine to arrive. I ordered mine form Wendiland, I chose her shop out of all the other because she also makes informative youtube videos about the history and care of these "pets"

I'm also looking into some air plants.

But I'm not sure where I would hang them. 

I'm so into these low maintenance plants right now. I'd really like to create my own terrarium, I have enough glass jars. But until, then, I'll just felt them...could that be a sneak peak?


  1. lol they are so freaking cute... my sister wants a moss ball bad! As for airplants... lol I can't keep those suckers alive. I don't know how I do it but every single one I get dies within a month. Oh well... ;)

  2. Oh dear, if you can't keep them alive I might as well not try...