Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Santa Cruz

 And then we headed down to Santa Cruz for a few days. Stayed the Dream Inn which is literally on the beach, gorgeous. 

 Went on a 2 mile hike/walk around the cliffs and saw some surfing. 

 Megan's wearing: Crew Neck-GLMRKLS, Sunglasses-D&G, Yoga pants-UO
Abbey's wearing: this outfit that is 100% biodegradable that I'm not supposed to wash in hot water because it will deteriorate.
 Her Hulk impression. 
 Island made of sea lions

 Megan's wearing:Shirt- Bad Acid Suck, Sunglasses-D&G
Brandon's wearing: Hoodie-Burton, Sunglasses-Oakley, Gap t-shirt
 holy shit the money we spent in arcades and in casinos 

 Actually, it scared the shit out of her and this lasted about 2 seconds
Thanksgiving morning, not too shapbby
Megan's wearing: Tank dress-F21 that I then cut up, Sunglasses-D&G
Abbey's wearing- a diaper

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