Monday, November 5, 2012

My kid's sick leave my hair alone

 My baby was puking ALL MORNING so when I remembered I had to go help Jake with stuff today I was like fuck this, hair up, dress and boots on, let's GO
 I've had this dress since I was 15 years old, it's still my favorite

 Check out this AMAZING bull ring I got from Wild and Free and this super cool JEDI ring I got from Linda Munequita
 yep, that's a Horcrux 
g In March I did a post on how bad I wanted an electric blue deer skin fringe bag and how expensive they were and blah blah. I had given up on that dream till I found one in NEW MEXICO in a leather shop. I was in love. I had to have it. So wonderful and loving Brandon bought it for me. PLUS THIS AMAZING fox tail  I was lucky enough to snag from The Gypsy Fox. I'll be doing a DIY post on this soon, changing it up a bit. I hope I don't ruin it. 
 and then this is new...
Even though we broke up and even though he said my hair looked like a birds nest today Jake and I are still good friends. 


  1. :) Your posts make me smile. It reminds me that no matter what the world keeps turning. My hair looks like a birds nest every day! I frigggin love!!!!!! that bag! I want it!

    ps I nominated you for this crazy post...
    heres the details...

    1. I love your post on that! I'll totally make this tomorrows post.

      And I lIKE bird nest hair!