Sunday, November 4, 2012

KVLT inspired DIY pentagram sunglasses

As much as I love them, KVLT, paying $25 for these pentagram heart shaped sunglasses is just not in my budget. So I bought these off Ebay and these off Etsy and the whole thing coss about 5 bucks. 
 You will need-
a pair of cheap ass heart shaped sunglasses
some bitchass tiny pentagram charms
a damn pair of jewelry pliars
and some mothafuckin super glue
 These are charms, so first thing you wanna do is break off those jump rings
 Slap some glue on that ass and let it get tacky and trashy. Hold them shits on the glasses for a few seconds and set aside to dry
 This took less than 5 MINTUES and saved yo ass $20+ shipping
You're welcome. 
Obviously, you could do this with all other kinds of flat charms. Peace signs, hearts, stars, horse shoes, or any of the other Lucky Charms Marshmellows
Also, the above picture is the only one of me from Halloween. 


  1. So simple yet... it never crossed my mind. :) Looks like your head was severed!!

    1. thank you! that's what I was going for!