Friday, November 30, 2012

DIY fur dyeing

I've done posts on The Gypsy Fox before, I really love her shop. As soon as she had listed white fox tails I immediately placed an order.
I really wanted to try dyeing fur. But I wasn't sure it could be done. Can you dye fur? Can fur get wet? And then I smacked myself in the face. Obviously fur can get wet, animals live in the wild.

 I did some research before attempting this and any dye will work but to be safe I used Manic Panic since it's vegan and animal safe
 This tail already had a natural bend in it so I knew where I was going to concentrate the dye. 
 All you do is apply it like you would your hair. I also used a super mild baby shampoo to rinse it out. 
And there you go. I am going to go back over it again and wait a little longer to rinse it out this next time. I want bubble gum pink and this is a little extra faded for me. 

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  1. hii!!! i absolutely love this!! this is solo cute!!thank you for sharing!! i think i might try doing this to a fur coat i have!! wish me luck!! why did you chose manic panic? did it fade or rub off on clothes over time??:D