Friday, November 30, 2012

DIY fur dyeing

I've done posts on The Gypsy Fox before, I really love her shop. As soon as she had listed white fox tails I immediately placed an order.
I really wanted to try dyeing fur. But I wasn't sure it could be done. Can you dye fur? Can fur get wet? And then I smacked myself in the face. Obviously fur can get wet, animals live in the wild.

 I did some research before attempting this and any dye will work but to be safe I used Manic Panic since it's vegan and animal safe
 This tail already had a natural bend in it so I knew where I was going to concentrate the dye. 
 All you do is apply it like you would your hair. I also used a super mild baby shampoo to rinse it out. 
And there you go. I am going to go back over it again and wait a little longer to rinse it out this next time. I want bubble gum pink and this is a little extra faded for me. 

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Tahoe to home

Just didn't take many pictures in Tahoe. It was lovely there and we had a good time, just took less pics. I'm sure you don't mind. 
 Cranky pants
 This is the view of Lake Tahoe we had from our room. Hello. 

 What do you do with $40 in arcade tickets? Buy a 5 ft alien and use it to scare your kid. This was all Brandon for the record. 
 I have literally no idea what's going on or why this was taken.

Sad to be gone, glad to be home.
But oh wait I forgot...
we're going to San Diego for Christmas, hell yeah

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Santa Cruz

 And then we headed down to Santa Cruz for a few days. Stayed the Dream Inn which is literally on the beach, gorgeous. 

 Went on a 2 mile hike/walk around the cliffs and saw some surfing. 

 Megan's wearing: Crew Neck-GLMRKLS, Sunglasses-D&G, Yoga pants-UO
Abbey's wearing: this outfit that is 100% biodegradable that I'm not supposed to wash in hot water because it will deteriorate.
 Her Hulk impression. 
 Island made of sea lions

 Megan's wearing:Shirt- Bad Acid Suck, Sunglasses-D&G
Brandon's wearing: Hoodie-Burton, Sunglasses-Oakley, Gap t-shirt
 holy shit the money we spent in arcades and in casinos 

 Actually, it scared the shit out of her and this lasted about 2 seconds
Thanksgiving morning, not too shapbby
Megan's wearing: Tank dress-F21 that I then cut up, Sunglasses-D&G
Abbey's wearing- a diaper

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Muir Woods, Stinson Beach, boardwalk dinner

 Muir Woods was the most magical place I've ever been, and I've been a lot of pretty fuckin magical places. Unfortunately none of the pictures I took with my phone saved and all I've got are these few from Brandon's, I really wanted to show the epic nature moss.

 As soon as we put her back in her stroller she freaked the hell out and screamed through the whole woods. 
 And suddenly, she's fine. 
 After we left the beach we went on the amazing scenic drive to Stinson Beach which is just the most perfect beach town ever. 

 Sea guts

 Look at how cute
 Megan's wearing; Shirt/dress-H&M, Skirt-TJ Maxx, Boots-Steve Madden, Jacket-UNIF, Sunglasses-Dolce&Gabanna.
Abbey's waering- Locally made in Denver leggings, Coat and boots-Children's Place, Target onsie
Brandon's wearing-Jeans-Banana Republic, Sunglasses-Oakley, Shirt- Buffalo Exchange

And then Brandon didn't feel so awesome so we let him nap and Abbey an I went for some super touristy shopping. 
 She immediately fell on her face because valet wouldn't let me have the stroller out of the car. It was a short lived yet rather expensive shopping trip. 
 And then we ate dinner down at the street vendors. 
 She was clearly fine.
Megan's wearing: UNIF jacket, Second hand tank from my sister, Ross leggings, Target slippers.
Abbey's wearing: Vest and shirt-Baby Gap, Children's Place Jeggings and boots. 
Isn't this the mangiest looking bear you've ever seen?

Monday, November 26, 2012

holy crap

I don't even know where to begin this post. California was amazing. But I may have taken too many pictures and have no idea where to start. I think they only way to do it is buy outfit/day/location. So here we go. 
San Francisco, Day 1 
 First of all look at this crazy ass fog 
 Finally going over the Bay bridge into the city. We stayed right down on Fisherman's Warf and ate seafood every damn night. It was great. 
 Even though he's been everywhere already Brandon took us to see all the super touristy shit. 

 The BEACH. I don't know why anyone ever wants to live anywhere else. And now I miss living closer to it. 
 You can tell what time of day it is by the amount of clothes I'm wearing.

 Alcatraz. We didn't go there but we went everywhere else. Through all the different neighborhoods, down Lombardi St, Haight and Ashbury (where I spend so much money I'm doing a separate post on just the amazingness), up to a few different views of the beach. I love that place. This was probably one of the best parts of the trip. 
Yes, those are the houses from Full House. Brandon made me do it.I felt retarded.

Dress-H&M, Boots-Steve Madden, Sunglasses-Dolce&Gabanna, Jacket-Unif, Bag-local store in Taos NW

I hope you're ready for even more vacation photos cause I'm just getting started.