Monday, October 15, 2012

Run 2 The Wild

I recently won a giveaway from Run 2 The Wild, which I was super excited about because I shared that photo on Facebook like crazy. This is chick is amazing, we've collaborated, I buy things from her shop, and I'm taking part in her Post Art Exchange. Anyways back to the main point...this is what I won. 
 Her brand new piece to the shop the Dinosaur Test Tube Bud Vase and I love it. I've done things with these plastic dinosaurs before but I've never thought of using one like this. 
Abbey likes it too, so much that I have to keep it pretty high up because she wants to play with it and take the tubes out. 
 I purchased this Arrowhead Ring months ago and it's one of my favorites, and bonus, it kind of doubles as a self defense weapon. This ring is actually how I met this chick, I really wanted a green one and we had the most pleasant conversation about it. I love people and businesses with great customer service skills. 
Oh this Post Art Exchange has caused me problems and I only just started. I made like ten cards before settling on this one and then I had to go get stamps and and it's just been a lot. lol. It's really not that big of a deal, except I may have bought the wrong stamps...
I settled on this design because I figured it would be easy to add things to without making it too crazy, or heavy to ship. It's just a papercut I did once. I'm excited to see what happens to it and even more excited to see which one I get to end up with.


The Bright Idea Terrarium
I want one of these terrariums so bad, I just kill everything. Seriously, I've killed a terrarium before...


  1. I love this post... but then again why wouldn't I? I think back to that first convo we had about the ring and how I jumped over to see your blog and thought... I like this chick. Your confidence and don't give a fuck attitude and your awesome diy skills. Plus I kind of have this thing for red heads but that is another story. I think it's awesome that abbey loves the dino... she must get her coolness from mamma! Thanks so much for this awesome post... I am truly grateful. PS your postcard is perfect! I am sure the other 10 were too! If you need help with postage message me! <3

  2. I love it when people love the posts I do on them! I'm so glad we've become blog friends and hope to collaborate further in the future. Plus I can't wait to get my first card!