Monday, October 29, 2012

New Mexico Part I

Hello my lovelies, I spent this past weekend driving around New Mexico with Brandon. it was a blast and now you get to enjoy way too many photos of my trip. And if you follow me on instagram or we're facebook  friends I apologize that a lot of these will be repeats. 

We stopped for gas at this station right inside New Mexico and there was this crowd of people and those guys on the roof were just throwing food off for people to catch. They threw milk...gallons of milk off the roof. 

Ok, this is the real reason we went. It's the closest Whataburger and I really really wanted one. 

That's a lie Whataburger. A lie.

Indian casinos...I can't even gamble with someone else's money, so I didn't. Brandon did, and won like over 7 hundred dollars in less than ten minutes. 


  1. I would love to go to new mexico... I have always been strangely obsessed with mexican culture. Your pics are awesome... Nice to see your little one. Shes like a mini strawberry shortcake! I can't believe he won 700...

  2. thanks! I took these all with my phone so I was kind of worried about the quality. He did! And then he came out and was like ok you can keep that 100 or cash in this ticket and even then I couldn't make the bet