Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Ladies, can we talk

If you look under the "badasses" section to the left, you'll see a collection of my current favorite blogs. Some of them are crafty, but for the most part they're fashion blogs. (The other day Jake asked me why I didn't have a "fashion blog" and when replied that I didn't have anyone to take proper pictures he just sort of looked at me like HELLO. Which I would like to take him up on but, it's just so awkward to stand there and let someone take pictures of you. Oh my, I've gone completely off topic.) And lemme tell you, those girls have style. But lately I've been noticing, and not just there on several blogs lately, this whole male hating agenda. I don't get it. I mean I've never really gotten the whole mate hating feminist thing. I get equal rights for equal pay, I get a woman's right to choose, I get that I do. But I don't understand hating all men so equally as if they're all the same. They really aren't, I promise. Isn't hating all men for a few people's actions the same as the abuse and objectification you say you experience? I think it is. Ladies, chill out. Boys are fun, and handy. I can't change a flat tire and I don't want to kill spiders. Boys are cute, flirting is fun, they're a vital part of the ongoing population. I don't think every man on the street is undressing me. I don't take everything a man says as some backhanded comment on how I'm just a simple second class citizen. I don't even get offended when i get hit on. My boyfriend doesn't even get that offended when I get hit on anymore. I know that sounded really conceited but honestly, I get hit on quite a bit. Can't everyone just relax, please? It's not fair to hate anyone for everyone. 

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