Saturday, October 6, 2012

Finally, Vintage Instagram Album

 I've shown this before but today I finally did something with it. About a year ago I bought this adorable little vintage album off of etsy from Five and Ten Vintage and since then it's just been sitting in my room. About 2 months ago I had some of my instagram photos printed off and today I was just like this is stupid I'm doing this right now. 
 I used a silver marker for the captions since the papers black, and since I'm impatient I just used two pieces of rolled tape per photo instead of glue. I would have loved to use photo corners but four corners x's like 35 photos...that's a lot of corners. And money. Tape it is. 
 Perhaps I should have measured, or maybe not have done it in an espresso fueled frenzy...
 I love Instagram because I was finally able to publish and print off pictures of my best friends in the world, Rachel and Victor, that I've had for ever on my phone. Actually that picture of Victor is a picture of a picture and you're looking at a picture of that...woah. 
And I love that I can flip through and look at all my show photos from the years. So far this album only has my past sts9 shows from the year and my birthday show, but I've got more to print off. OH YEAH and I'm seeing sts9 for the THIRD time this year Dec 29th. I can't wait for that. This time instead of dressing like Pocahontas I'm going a completely different direction...stay tuned. 

Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of Jake or Abbey in this album yet, I gave them all away. I only stuck pictures on one side of each page so that when I get more printed off I don't have the ones of them just shoved somewhere in the back. I've also decided to only use vintage albums for instagram prints. I like the idea of something so new and techy being in something so old and lovely. 

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