Tuesday, October 9, 2012

DIY Floral and Spiked Boot Straps

I think we've established that I am quite poor. Ok, that's a lie, I'm mostly poor, because I spend all my expendable cash on clothes and crafts. And crafty stuff to make clothes. So when I saw these hella cute boot straps on Dolls Kill I knew I had to have them. Boot accessories are so in right now. But I'm not about to spend 59 bucks on them. So I just made some myself. And now you can make some too. I will say, this was super easy but really labor intensive and I've got weird hand bruises to prove it. 
 You will need-
Screw in spikes, fabric flowers, 2 dog collars, something that will cut through collars, a screw driver, a screw, and super super glue
 First put on your boots and wrap the collars around them so you know where to cut them down. The need to be snug. And then cut off the D ring because it's pointless and just gets in the way. 
Make your connecting holes, leaving about an inch or so for good measure. 
 Using the same technique add your spikes. I suggest putting the straps on your boots and marking where you want them instead of just winging it. 
 Wherever you're going to glue down the flowers, scour the leather just a little so the glue has something to grab on it. Generously add glue the the flowers and mash them on there. Let them dry for at least a couple hours.
 And there you go my love. 

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