Tuesday, October 30, 2012

New Mexico Part II

 We got to stop by the Georgia O'Keeffe museum in Santa Fe
 I'm so into these colors together

Gotta love comped champagne and strawberries
 Really really good Mexican food
 In love with these wall sconces 
ok, no more New Mexico pictures I promise. 

Monday, October 29, 2012

New Mexico Part I

Hello my lovelies, I spent this past weekend driving around New Mexico with Brandon. it was a blast and now you get to enjoy way too many photos of my trip. And if you follow me on instagram or we're facebook  friends I apologize that a lot of these will be repeats. 

We stopped for gas at this station right inside New Mexico and there was this crowd of people and those guys on the roof were just throwing food off for people to catch. They threw milk...gallons of milk off the roof. 

Ok, this is the real reason we went. It's the closest Whataburger and I really really wanted one. 

That's a lie Whataburger. A lie.

Indian casinos...I can't even gamble with someone else's money, so I didn't. Brandon did, and won like over 7 hundred dollars in less than ten minutes. 

Monday, October 22, 2012

Flea Market Finds...

 We spent Sunday at the flea market, it was mostly vendors and Aeropostale goods but we sill had a good time. Scored a few cool things. OK, see Abbey with that burrito? She wasn't even eating it. She took like 3 bites and spent the rest of the day clutching it as if it were a pet. She's start crying if you tried to take it away...my kids weird. 
 you know it
 This is going to look amazing net to my velvet Bruce Lee

And these adorable jammas for the baby

Friday, October 19, 2012

And some crosses for no reason

I know that I'm agnostic but damn I love Mexican religious art. These were taken at the art museum the other day.   
And also, isn't this a weird family portrait of Jesus and Mary Magdalene 

DIY "Grunge Nails"

I normally don't do posts on nails but once again during a highly coffee fueled stroll through pinterest I tried this and it worked. 
 Nicole-Khloe had a little Lam Lam. Revlon-Blue Mosaic. Ulta-Mint Condition. Hard Candy-Freenzy. Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear-Green with Envy
 Ok I didn't use a top coat so there some texture from the layers but I'm kind of in a hurry this morning. And I initially did my nails last night, hence the glitter so no I wasn't planning on having so much going on.
Bonus Tip-if you coat you slightly dry nails in Vaseline or any kind of petroleum jelly and let this sit for maybe 15 minutes it really won't matter how many coats you put on because your nails will be dry. Oh yeah, it's awesome. Run them under some cold water just to be safe when you wash them off.   
And I'm wearing the most adorable vintage dress today, that ok is smushing down my boobs so much I can't breathe and I had to use BBQ tongs to zip up the back because no one is home...FOR FASHION 
And this is how I do my hair it's just on day 2 so it's a little extra disheveled. 

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Fringe and Lace

Dress, hoodie, hair accessory- Free People. Boot-Vintage. Bag-American Eagle. Ring-c/o The Gypsy Fox. Sunglasses-Dolce&Gabbana.

It was glorious outside today, the mountains looked amazing, this outfit was too cute to waste, and we were at the art museum anyways so why waste the background. 

photos by Jake

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

eh, this kind of works

So we've all seen a million projects on pinterest and had all these high hopes and expectations. That's crap, they're mostly crap. You just can't trust images on the internet anymore, photoshop is just too tricky.
So that project that looks amazing and beautiful with the white crayons? Well it works but that picture is bullshit. I used high quality water colors. I used high quality paper. I've done stuff like this before and following the exact instructions gave me these results. 
 And hello it's really hard to write sentences in white crayon when you can't see what you just wrote. 

Use glue instead of crayons. It's a lot more effective and is completely water resistant when it dries. The crayon tends to get over saturated and get covered up. 

Monday, October 15, 2012

Run 2 The Wild

I recently won a giveaway from Run 2 The Wild, which I was super excited about because I shared that photo on Facebook like crazy. This is chick is amazing, we've collaborated, I buy things from her shop, and I'm taking part in her Post Art Exchange. Anyways back to the main point...this is what I won. 
 Her brand new piece to the shop the Dinosaur Test Tube Bud Vase and I love it. I've done things with these plastic dinosaurs before but I've never thought of using one like this. 
Abbey likes it too, so much that I have to keep it pretty high up because she wants to play with it and take the tubes out. 
 I purchased this Arrowhead Ring months ago and it's one of my favorites, and bonus, it kind of doubles as a self defense weapon. This ring is actually how I met this chick, I really wanted a green one and we had the most pleasant conversation about it. I love people and businesses with great customer service skills. 
Oh this Post Art Exchange has caused me problems and I only just started. I made like ten cards before settling on this one and then I had to go get stamps and and it's just been a lot. lol. It's really not that big of a deal, except I may have bought the wrong stamps...
I settled on this design because I figured it would be easy to add things to without making it too crazy, or heavy to ship. It's just a papercut I did once. I'm excited to see what happens to it and even more excited to see which one I get to end up with.


The Bright Idea Terrarium
I want one of these terrariums so bad, I just kill everything. Seriously, I've killed a terrarium before...