Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Star Wars and UNIF

 I seriously think I need to change this blog from "Meganmakescute" to like "Meganpostpicturesofherselfinherunderwear" because really, that's all I seem to do these days. I AM SORRY. I've got some projects coming up, one of them is specifically for winter and I may be jumping the gun posting it already. I'm just busy man.  I don't like my lack of crafting anymore than you do. I really hate that I've spent money for supplies and they just sit in bags on my floor. It's really bothering me. I don't quite feel myself, not making as many things. A lot of this I can blame on a boy. I hang out with him and it takes up a lot of my time. I can't help it. I feel like all I do is make excuses for myself. I'll stop now.
But on the plus side my obsession with UNIF is beginning to materialize. I got this shirt and a jacket in the mail this week and am absolutely in love with them both. I seriously want to spend all my money on these amazingly overpirced kickass shirts.  
I did make those pieces behind my head. One is a White Stripes reference and the other is from The Darjeeling Limited, which if you haven't seen should go watch right this second. It's amazing.
But here is the tutorial if you feel like making them.


  1. You don't need to be sorry... this is your space to do whatever you want! I like that you don't care plus you got a nice body to be running around in your undies :) I know what you mean by bags in the floor... a serious problem of mine too. Congrats on having a boy toy lol ;)

  2. hey thanks, I would add an exclamation point but a lot of my keys don't work lol