Sunday, September 30, 2012

Little Updates

 Last night Jake and I went to see Dispatch! I don't think he cared at all quite honestly. But I had a blast and had been waiting forever to see them, I bought those tickets months ago. Ok and then people just kept like telling me how much they loved my stars and stripes booty shorts seen here which was very flattering yes. But like, I posed for pictures? I wish I knew how to get them because we totally forgot to take pictures of each other or together. That kind of sucks. I paired those shorts with a kind of baggy Jack Daniels tank, vintage buckskin fringe boots, and a Aksels CO snapback.  Had a blast. 
 The only thing is that Jake doesn't listen to Dispatch or really know who they are so he just didn't get the epic that was happening. 
 Good Old War
 LOL my favorite Denver bar
 I was really happy when this guy didn't get his dreads cut off. I don't think he ever really wanted to, he's just trying to get it in with that stylist. Which, btw, he totally is. 
 Thanks to my boy Brandon was able to get my hair done at the ah-mazing Indie Six salon. It's pretty much the same only healthier. No more green or blue, just kind of got over it. 
 Most importantly Jake and I both were able to register to vote last night!!!!!!! We were afraid we wouldn't be able to since we don't have CO licenses and some states make you register at least 2 months before but nope! I'm so excited and proud of this, it might seem weird, or weird that I wasn't already but idk I'm just really happy that I get to be a part of it.  
 Ugh, 5o'clock traffic. 
And then there was that weird night I let Zeale sign my booby area. And his drummer. I'm pretty proud of this one too...
And finally after a nice lunch date with these two amazing people I'm at home. Where I should be doing the last of my weekly homework but instead I'm blogging and watching Jersey Shore. I fucking love Jersey Shore.

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