Sunday, September 16, 2012

Guys hate wedges

 Did you know that? They do. They hate wedges.
 Hey mamma, I didn't know either. I have a pair of these great black laceup bootie wedges and apparently, guys hate them. My friend was always commenting on them when I or my sister would wear them and how ugly they were. So yesterday when we were in a shoe store we were discussing his hatred of wedges and he said this after the sales girl and I said how much easier they were to walk in "I don't care if they're easier to walk in, make an effort."
Both our faces after his comment. Excuse me? Make an effort? Please. I'm sorry I don't run around in strappy stilettos on a daily basis, I wasn't aware this meant I was letting myself go. I would also like to mention, I wear the highest heals I can afford and find. I don't wear heels that are less than 6 inches. Make an effort... MAKE AN EFFORT MY ASS. I'm only 5'4, on a good day so the higher the better. But, guys hate I guess I won't be wearing those anymore, at least not around guys...really if I had the money I would buy these in every color they make and wear them everyday. 
 Oh, and furry boots. Because it snows in Colorado all winter, and you can still wear these here. No really, it's ok, you won't even be out of style, everyone does it. It took a while to get used to but now I'm all like, fuck yea boots with fur. Warm as hell I tell you what. Pictures of knees are so awkward looking...
I will give it to him though, after insulting my foot wear he did buy me these. So all is forgiven. Which is good because I was really picturing that meme in my head "I wear heels bigger than your dick"


  1. my boyfriend hates wedges too but I wear them just to aggravate and because you know what I love my wedges. Screw men and their ideas of what looks good... if we let them make those choices were would all be wearing the same boring things. I also think that deep down inside they say they don't like certain things because it brings attention which can make them jealous. Anywho I do love those heals!

  2. Right on mamma
    I wonder why they hate wedges so much? Like, what a weird thing for guys to collectively hate right? And thank you, I love them, super high, suede, and little gold spikes. And these were actually from Buffalo Exchange so they were only like thirty bucks, sweet.