Tuesday, September 4, 2012

DIY Neil Conley Inspired Snow Globes

These Neil Conley snow globes are amazing and a statement about the BP oil spill and how poorly that situation was handled. I fell in love with these a while back and decided to make some inspired ones for myself. 
 You'll need-
a jar
glitter, maybe not extra fine...it floats?
spray paint
glue gun
 pick your creatures and glue them together and to the inside of the lid. 
 Spray paint everything, let it dry completely. 
 Add glitter and water. I feel like there is a step I missed, like adding something to make the glitter not float maybe? Idgaf, I didn't do it but maybe you should look into it?
 Put it all together. I used one of those rubber things to really secure the lid on there. 
Shake up your new political statement snow globe, look at how environmentally conscience you are!
I'm sorry, that last comment may have been rude. I've been facebook fighting over politics since last night. Tell me, if the Left is so understanding and accepting of other people's beliefs and lives then why are they always trying to shove it down my throat and blame me for everything? I would never do that to anyone. We don't have the same ideas? That's ok, we can still be friends. 

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