Thursday, September 20, 2012

DIY College sweatshirt

Alright so I'm a poor person. There's no reason for me to be a poor constantly broke person but I am, because I spend too much on clothes. I can't help it. I love clothes. I love them. I love fashion...
Sorry, was having a moment.
But I've really started to realize that most of these things I'm spending hundreds of dollars on a month are really just American Apparel shirts with iron on letters. I mean really, literally, look at this Wildfox Couture Sweatshirt featured on Dollskill. Hello, I can make that. So this isn't really an informative DIY more of just a post on my new found love of iron on letters and plain shirts. I need to find a place online where I can buy them in a surplus amount. 
Taking inspiration from Belushi in Animal House, I made this. 

 I need tons more shirts and letters. TONS. I've tried this before in the past but have always been too impatient to have good results. But I'm older and wiser now, so it's going rather well. And now Jake is all like "make me shirts I want shirts give me shirts woman"
I'm sorry if we talk about him too much...I'm happy.'t be a moron and forget to put a cloth between the letters and duh right. I did that...this turns yellow and I was just lucky enough to realize my mistake before it was ruined. It is a little yellow in places though...oh well. 

And this only seems appropriate.

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