Tuesday, September 18, 2012

And another

Day of productivity, actually it was highly productive just not in the ways I had wanted it to be. Really I'm just hanging out with Jake, who isn't allowed to fall asleep till late tonight. So...I'm kind of babysitting. Everyone just assumes we live together so they're always turning to me and saying ok you need to make sure of this, this, and this. And I'm like ok I will, until I have to get my child home at a reasonable hour.
that's my shirt damnit
They like each other. 
My mouth looks weird in this, like woah man woah. 
But at least we're watching Spice World now. 
He's a sweet boy. Oh wait never mind, I watch football and NASCAR with him all the time. Even though I like football...but he likes boobs so it's still a good trade off. 
And speaking of the Spice Girls, dude I've wanted some Chupa Chups for like years now. Really I want the ice cream flavored ones, nom nom nooooommmmmm
But these would be pretty amazing too.


  1. spice girls are my fav! only reason I ever tried a chupa chup and icecream flavors are the best! I dressed up like scary spice for our 5th grade talent show. At the time I didn't have any chest so I wore a see through lace black top... I will never forget the torture from all the other girls and the looks.

  2. No, you rock see through lace top, and you rock it hard. I lived in Germany for the whole Spice Girls phenomenon and it was INSANE over there. I was always typecasted as Ginger when all I really wanted to be was Baby Spice. Gah, I want some Chupa Chups so bad but the only place I seem to be able to find the flavors I want are online for crazy prices.