Friday, August 3, 2012

Sometimes I pretend it's still the 90's

And listen to grungey rock and wear over sized thermal shirts with no pants on 
And then maybe I take things a little too far. 
Skirt-TJ Maxx, Shirt-UO, Flannel-Thrifted, Socks-Target, Doc Maritns-Thrifted, Bag-Zumies, Rosaries-Thrifted, picked up in Spain, Horn Rosary-AE, Mary Medallion-Thrifted 

And now I would like to share with you the coolest fuckin DIY I have ever seen before, in my entire life.
I'll admit, I'm kind of online stalking this chick right now. But she's got mad style, and DIY skills apparently, and and and she's just so cool. She restlyed stripper shoes to make those boots. Are you fucking kidding me!!  Now I'm trolling stripper sites looking for lace up shoes like the ones she used. I need those shoes. I need them . 

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