Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Saving Whales and stripper clothes.

This is just a quick photo journal of the Monday. I spent it with my mom, doing things at her school to get ready, eating lunch at Watercourse Foods (profits going to the Sea Shepherds, which I am an avid supporter of) and looking at stripper clothes. Ok I didn't do that last one with my mom, she was in this teaching bookstore that I absolutely hate. 
 I just thought this was cute looking. I really need to go in there sometime.
 Watercourse Foods is this all vegetarian restaurant in Denver with ah-mazing food. They do events like the Sea Shepherd one like a few times a month with 15% of the days profits going to a cause. And then they have these awesome/weird paintings of woodland creatures all around. 
 Brandon told me to send him a picture. 
 Oh yes, those bolts of Lycra and spandex are sitting in the middle of the floor because I was at a CUSTOM  STRIPPER CLOTHING STORE. 
 no, but thank you. 
 And then I was out of things to do so I had to go to Bookies while my mom finished up.  

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