Monday, August 27, 2012

Public Speaking?

Ever have one of those things that you just do then repress until it's too late? I signed up for Public Speaking this semester, because I needed the class, without really realizing what it meant. I thought it would be slightly different because I take classes online, like somehow I could get out of actually having to makes speeches. Um, I was wrong. 
And now I'm having a slight panic attack about the whole situation, which to add insult to injury, Jake told me he was totally expecting. And I quote "Hahahaha! I knew you'd freak out once it hit you...I know you are (super awkward) and like I have faith in a lot of what you do but, you're going to crash and burn with this venture." Thanks baby! No, I mean, it'll be fine. Once I secure a webcam I'll be able to make speeches online and not really have to face people in person. As for the rest of my classes, some of them look like a lot of work (Intro to Political Science, History of Western Antiquities) but just busy work and the others don't look like shit at all. But after last semesters Geology* anything looks easy. 

So let's take a break from me bitching and explore somethings I've been eyeing lately. I should mention that my style transitions between two main areas and not much else. These are the clothes I like, I buy them and wear them. These are more the style I'm feeling these days. I say this as sit around in my favorite patchwork mini dress and boots. 

 I don't smoke pot, really I don't, drug test me, ain't scared. But I do love this shirt from Killer Condo.

Damn I can't for Saturday when I'll be able to leave my house without having to worry about having to spend money I don't have. Then I can buy supplies for projects and delicious food...I love food. Shit though, I also have to buy a webcam.

Now, I'm gonna go eat some lunch and see if I can wrangle up anything to create something with. 

*Let me explain- I take classes online and taking a science online means spending a shit load on labs kits ($300 to be exact), having written texts, online texts, spreadsheets, videos, websites and discussions all due at the same time. With a quiz and test every week, plus a research discussion and responses and 3 experiments due every two. Sure, that sounds like a a lot of typing and not a lot more but my teacher was thorough. Details, details, details. And I mostly just wingged the experiments because I really didn't understand what the hell I was supposed to be doing. It was not fun. I'm glad it's over. But I feel like I can handle any online class now, so that's good.  

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