Friday, August 10, 2012

Preparations are happening

Mark your calendars for October 20 2012 for Denver's annual Zombie Crawl. I don't remember why I couldn't go last year (oh wait yes I do. Dustin lied about having to work the weekend it was happening to get out of coming to get his child for the night) but I am definitively attending this one. I registered last night actually, and then I registered Abbey, and then I registered Brandon...neither of them know I did this yet but they will. They'll figure it out when I hand over their costumes. 
Oh that's right, we're going ham this year. 
I decided a few weeks ago that I definitively wanted to go as one of the Disney Princesses. After much consideration and debates last night with my sister we decided Sleeping Beauty was the way to go. I originally wanted to go as Megera from Hercules. 
Because...we have the same name(ish), she has the best dress, and the most attitude. And Hercules is probably my favorite Disney movie. But as Austin pointed out, she's not a princess and probably wouldn't be that recognizable.  
Clearly we discussed Ariel from the Little Mermaid, she's a ginger, I'm a ginger blah blah blah 
But that seemed too obvious for me and like hello I don't think there are zombie fish. Oh yes, we discussed the logistics of zombie mermaids. 
Anyways...Sleeping Beauty it is. 
I mean, she was like as good as dead for 100 years. And she's really the closest I can get in looks other than Ariel or Cinderella. I'm basing this on that we're both white and my hair is strawberry blonde. Alice would have been a good choice but again, too obvious. I supposed I really could have chosen a Star Wars character but for some reason I'm really set on this princess idea
Only it will be a little less this
And a lot more like this
But with white thigh highs and stripper shoes and blood and guts, kind of like this...
I happen to be pretty damn good at gory, zombie type styles of makeup. So it should be pretty good. 
Last night I actaully spent hours upon hours trying to find the closest, cheapest, skankiest costume I could online with no luck. I thought it was happening next month and ordering wholesale takes some serious shipping time. Luckily it's still more than two months away which gives me more than enough time to keep searching. When I do get everything I'm planning on doing a few test runs. Seeing which way of death goes with the outfit, bloody upping the costume and tights. Perhaps making a few props. Like I said, going all fuckin out. And if Abbey ends up going she'll be one of the porky fairy Godmothers. If  Brandon (if he even wants to go with me then) will be like idk, probably nothing, he doesn't seem like the dressing up kind of guy. 

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