Saturday, August 4, 2012

Phase 1- supplies

Can I first just say that yesterday when I posted the amazing DIY found on I was never really expecting to make them. I know I said I was, and I was hoping to, but it was kind of just one of those DIY projects. You know, if I happen to find boots that will work. If I happen to find some Bondo without having to really look for it. If I happen to come across some textured matte finish spray paint. I really wanted those boots but I wasn't wanting to schlep around town to find everything for them. 
Well, the universe had other plans I guess. 
 Yesterday while my brother and I were at Target THEY JUST SO HAPPENED to have the perfect pair of base boots. Platform? Check. Lace up? Check. Right Sized? Check. Reasonably priced considering I'm going to redesign them? ON SALE. Woo-hoo! Then all I had to do was stroll over to Walmart, where they sell Bondo, and sandpaper, and texurized matte finish spray paint. I already have little spikes and dirty shoelaces. LET THE INSANE DIY BEGIN. 
Wish me luck because although this whole project cost me less than $35, it's still a lot for me. And it's going to be a lot more labor intensive than I'm used to. But considering the real shoes (the ones she was inspired by) aren't actually available for sale and I will literally be the only one around with these shoes, it will be worth it. 
Wish me luck!
 Oh and yeah, whenever my brother and I are together we are those obnoxious, loud, singing, dancing douche bags. I'm not really sure why we have that affect on each other.  
Oh based God, then I burped in this mask, which was already hot as balls, and it smelled like chili dogs and Mountain Dew...brutal. (yeah we had white trash for lunch baby) 


  1. lol I can't wait for the results! Good luck!

  2. Thank you! I really can't wait to see how this turns out.