Tuesday, August 7, 2012

More Star Spangled

I made these shorts for the 4th and then ended up not wearing them, and I think I've only worn them once or twice since. This is due to the fabric I used for the flag bits and how stiff it is. I throw them in with the wash every time I do laundry and hopefully soon it will be worn enough to wear. 
 To do the distressing part of these shorts you take sand paper (and a lot of spare time) and sand them down  till threadbare. When you get to the exposed white fibers being pulling out the blue ones. Wash a few times and you'll get the threadbare look of your dreams. 
I then inside outed the shorts and used cheap dollar store flags that I then sewed to the pockets. Of course, I no longer have functioning pockets, but that's ok. I still feel pretty shitty so these pictures aren't that great and  there's only two of them, but how many pictures can I really take of shorts right?
I've got another pair sitting in dye outside and hopefully they'll be good to go tomorrow. 

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