Saturday, August 25, 2012

man oh man

I really can't have my friend die, like really, he just can't. Abbey was with her dad this past week seeing family in Georgia so basically I spent the whole time taking care of him. The one night we were able to go out and do shit I had to take him back to the ER the next day because he felt so terrible. And then for a while they wouldn't tell me anything or let me go back to see him, it was nerve racking. He won't die, he'll be fine. He has to be. He's at the doctor again right now, he'll probably text me after he gets out to reassure me that he's doing better. 
We were able to go out one night last week. So we went to Bluegrass Sunday at Quixotes. No his scene at all, like even a little bit but he likes me and it was a free show. Above is the local band Duck, Buck and the Pickle. It was actually pretty cute because after their set we were all standing around talking and having a good time and as soon as "Buck" started hitting on me it was all of a sudden time to go. I like that in guys. 
You know he must be sick if I not only let him win at air hockey that night but also let him wear and keep my favorite LRG shirt. 
After a week of being in and out of the hospital when he was finally well enough to go home we went swimming, it was nice. I think the part he liked best was when the other guys at the pool wanted to know if I was his girlfriend. Which I am not...

The second shittiest part of this whole ordeal is how mad at me someone else is right now. Apparently by staying with Jake because he's dying and has no one else to look after him means that I'm avoiding and ignoring someone else in my life. This is bullshit. It's not fair. 

But on the plus side, I lost 4lbs. 5 more and I'll be an even 120 and satisfied.  


  1. it sucks when you realize people in your life can't understand situations like this... Hoping things get better and your friend does too!

  2. It is, I think things will start to look up though. And thank you, I really hope he does too.