Friday, August 17, 2012


I'm sorry I'm poor. I'm sorry that I love clothes and fashion and I can't afford to buy the real things. I'm sorry I stole your design and made my (way less cooler) version. I know we'll never be friends. I promise that I will not sell or market your designs as my own or even at all. I love you.

Ok, now that I've put that out in the world.

I finally successfully made this shirt, using the same technique used here when I stole another one of their designs. I'm starting to feel a little bad about this. This shirt took me at least 4 tries to get right. The first one completely rejected the bleach, yeah that happens. The second one bled entirely too much and looked like shit. The third one also rejected the bleach, but it wasn't technically my shirt so I guess that's good. Then my sister gave my this one and I was like "what the hell let's do this". And it worked. 
 Sorry these pictures kind of suck. Not having a proper camera is really starting to kick my ass. And yes I look for any excuse to wear these shorts. 
GO HERE and buy the real thing, don't be lame and just rip off shit like I do. 

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