Thursday, August 16, 2012


That's what it's been. Registering for this semester, making sure everything is worked out. Making sure my brother is registered and taxied around to all the places he needs to go. My sister is leaving for college tomorrow. Dustin came home on R&R leave so he got to have Abbey for a few days. Being free to do whatever for a few days. Trying to make sure there's money in accounts before they overdraft. Peeing in streets. Getting into arguments with perfect strangers in bars only to have that stranger text you the next day. Boys all of a sudden deciding to be in love with me. Random bruises. Tangled hair. Ankle pain from walking in too high shoes. Abbey's leaving again in a few days. It's just been a lot. 
Here are some crappy unedited phone pictures from the past few days. Oh and did I mention I'm more or less broke and I can't get this project to turn out? I've tried like maybe 4 times. Ugh. I need some tea or something.

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