Thursday, August 30, 2012

(Another) Headband DIY

This is the easiest thing I've ever made. 
You'll need-
leather cord
feathers, bead, embellishments
needle and thread
Ok are you ready? Pay attention. Measure the cord to fit around your head and then as long as you want it to hang. I like mine to be slightly different links. String on the bead, this needs to be loose enough to adjust but still sturdy enough to not fall. Sew on embellishments. Done. 
the other day at Micheal's I found these great feathers that were already strung together for jewelry, they made it so much easier than trying to wrap them first. You get 2 in a pack for like 3 bucks. 
 I own shirts with sleeves, I just don't wear them that often. Even in winter, that's why they make jackets hello. 
 Sorry, I have TB and a runny nose.
It's starting to become more apparent to me how long my hair is getting. This is good, I've been growing it out for almost 2 years now (from above chin length, yikes) I think another 6 inches or so and I will be happy. 

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