Friday, August 31, 2012


Normally I don't discuss my politics. It creates awkward situations that I tend to try to avoid. I don't like fighting with people. But after reading a series of blogs that were all Romney bashing I decided to make my political preference known. And a little in your face. Oh that's right people, I'm a free spirited, tattooed, pierced, green hair, anti feminist CONSERVATIVE BABY. And I will apologize for no one. 
These past 4 years have been some of the most horrible and corrupt in recent American history. 
Fuck Obama, I'm voting for Romney. 
I built this. 

Thursday, August 30, 2012

(Another) Headband DIY

This is the easiest thing I've ever made. 
You'll need-
leather cord
feathers, bead, embellishments
needle and thread
Ok are you ready? Pay attention. Measure the cord to fit around your head and then as long as you want it to hang. I like mine to be slightly different links. String on the bead, this needs to be loose enough to adjust but still sturdy enough to not fall. Sew on embellishments. Done. 
the other day at Micheal's I found these great feathers that were already strung together for jewelry, they made it so much easier than trying to wrap them first. You get 2 in a pack for like 3 bucks. 
 I own shirts with sleeves, I just don't wear them that often. Even in winter, that's why they make jackets hello. 
 Sorry, I have TB and a runny nose.
It's starting to become more apparent to me how long my hair is getting. This is good, I've been growing it out for almost 2 years now (from above chin length, yikes) I think another 6 inches or so and I will be happy. 

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Clorox Bleach is my BFF (almost DIY)

But that goes without saying right? Here's how I make my shirts
Start with some bleach and a ratty shirt. I prefer to use the Clorox Bleach Pen, it's more of a gel so you have more control over the amount used, design, and bleeding. 
Depending on the design I just free hand the letters. If you're doing something more intricate use chalk. It works wonders, is easy to use, and washes off completely. And if you're working outside you then get to draw all over the sidewalk, bonus fun.
I chose the Timothy Leary quote, "Tune in, turn on, drop out" which yes, is about acid. No I don't do drugs but I can't help what I am. 
Now you kind of have to babysit this for a while. Too long and it will eat through, or bleed too far out. It only takes around 20-30 mins to get a good thing going. And then rinse it out in warm water and add more holes, if you want. I don't think your clothes can ever have too many holes personally but whatever. 
The lighting is bad, you can't really seethe whole shirt and my hair was wet. OH WELL. This shirt is actually more of  dress, 'er well, it's actually more of rag. It's almost too full of slits and holes to wear in real life, so I normally only wear things like this out at night. Seriously, the while right side of it is held together by like, and inch of fabric. But all my rib tattoos are on that side so I'm ok with that. And it's green again, just to mess with my boyfriend. 

The Gypsy Fox

One of my favorite Etsy shops is The Gypsy Fox. It's run by this totally badass chick who makes some of the coolest re-purposed clothing and festival accessories you've ever seen. A few weeks back she held a flash sale and I was lucky enough to snag an item. When I received my gorgeous feather and arrow head earring she said she would love to see a photo of it. So I thought, damn a photo? Why not spread the word and do a whole post. 
 It was a 18" Rooster feather earring with arrow head, little skull, and chain details. It's comfortable to wear and not as heavy as it sounds. 
Here are a few more items from her shop that I would recommend.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Public Speaking?

Ever have one of those things that you just do then repress until it's too late? I signed up for Public Speaking this semester, because I needed the class, without really realizing what it meant. I thought it would be slightly different because I take classes online, like somehow I could get out of actually having to makes speeches. Um, I was wrong. 
And now I'm having a slight panic attack about the whole situation, which to add insult to injury, Jake told me he was totally expecting. And I quote "Hahahaha! I knew you'd freak out once it hit you...I know you are (super awkward) and like I have faith in a lot of what you do but, you're going to crash and burn with this venture." Thanks baby! No, I mean, it'll be fine. Once I secure a webcam I'll be able to make speeches online and not really have to face people in person. As for the rest of my classes, some of them look like a lot of work (Intro to Political Science, History of Western Antiquities) but just busy work and the others don't look like shit at all. But after last semesters Geology* anything looks easy. 

So let's take a break from me bitching and explore somethings I've been eyeing lately. I should mention that my style transitions between two main areas and not much else. These are the clothes I like, I buy them and wear them. These are more the style I'm feeling these days. I say this as sit around in my favorite patchwork mini dress and boots. 

 I don't smoke pot, really I don't, drug test me, ain't scared. But I do love this shirt from Killer Condo.

Damn I can't for Saturday when I'll be able to leave my house without having to worry about having to spend money I don't have. Then I can buy supplies for projects and delicious food...I love food. Shit though, I also have to buy a webcam.

Now, I'm gonna go eat some lunch and see if I can wrangle up anything to create something with. 

*Let me explain- I take classes online and taking a science online means spending a shit load on labs kits ($300 to be exact), having written texts, online texts, spreadsheets, videos, websites and discussions all due at the same time. With a quiz and test every week, plus a research discussion and responses and 3 experiments due every two. Sure, that sounds like a a lot of typing and not a lot more but my teacher was thorough. Details, details, details. And I mostly just wingged the experiments because I really didn't understand what the hell I was supposed to be doing. It was not fun. I'm glad it's over. But I feel like I can handle any online class now, so that's good.  

Saturday, August 25, 2012

man oh man

I really can't have my friend die, like really, he just can't. Abbey was with her dad this past week seeing family in Georgia so basically I spent the whole time taking care of him. The one night we were able to go out and do shit I had to take him back to the ER the next day because he felt so terrible. And then for a while they wouldn't tell me anything or let me go back to see him, it was nerve racking. He won't die, he'll be fine. He has to be. He's at the doctor again right now, he'll probably text me after he gets out to reassure me that he's doing better. 
We were able to go out one night last week. So we went to Bluegrass Sunday at Quixotes. No his scene at all, like even a little bit but he likes me and it was a free show. Above is the local band Duck, Buck and the Pickle. It was actually pretty cute because after their set we were all standing around talking and having a good time and as soon as "Buck" started hitting on me it was all of a sudden time to go. I like that in guys. 
You know he must be sick if I not only let him win at air hockey that night but also let him wear and keep my favorite LRG shirt. 
After a week of being in and out of the hospital when he was finally well enough to go home we went swimming, it was nice. I think the part he liked best was when the other guys at the pool wanted to know if I was his girlfriend. Which I am not...

The second shittiest part of this whole ordeal is how mad at me someone else is right now. Apparently by staying with Jake because he's dying and has no one else to look after him means that I'm avoiding and ignoring someone else in my life. This is bullshit. It's not fair. 

But on the plus side, I lost 4lbs. 5 more and I'll be an even 120 and satisfied.  

Friday, August 24, 2012

Oh my

My friend has cancer. Inoperable, pancreatic cancer. I'm the only person he really knows in Colorado so if you're wondering where I've been, I've been there with him. He's actually surprisingly fine, despite the whole likely chance of death thing. So yeah, that's what has been going on.

Friday, August 17, 2012


I'm sorry I'm poor. I'm sorry that I love clothes and fashion and I can't afford to buy the real things. I'm sorry I stole your design and made my (way less cooler) version. I know we'll never be friends. I promise that I will not sell or market your designs as my own or even at all. I love you.

Ok, now that I've put that out in the world.

I finally successfully made this shirt, using the same technique used here when I stole another one of their designs. I'm starting to feel a little bad about this. This shirt took me at least 4 tries to get right. The first one completely rejected the bleach, yeah that happens. The second one bled entirely too much and looked like shit. The third one also rejected the bleach, but it wasn't technically my shirt so I guess that's good. Then my sister gave my this one and I was like "what the hell let's do this". And it worked. 
 Sorry these pictures kind of suck. Not having a proper camera is really starting to kick my ass. And yes I look for any excuse to wear these shorts. 
GO HERE and buy the real thing, don't be lame and just rip off shit like I do. 

Thursday, August 16, 2012


That's what it's been. Registering for this semester, making sure everything is worked out. Making sure my brother is registered and taxied around to all the places he needs to go. My sister is leaving for college tomorrow. Dustin came home on R&R leave so he got to have Abbey for a few days. Being free to do whatever for a few days. Trying to make sure there's money in accounts before they overdraft. Peeing in streets. Getting into arguments with perfect strangers in bars only to have that stranger text you the next day. Boys all of a sudden deciding to be in love with me. Random bruises. Tangled hair. Ankle pain from walking in too high shoes. Abbey's leaving again in a few days. It's just been a lot. 
Here are some crappy unedited phone pictures from the past few days. Oh and did I mention I'm more or less broke and I can't get this project to turn out? I've tried like maybe 4 times. Ugh. I need some tea or something.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Preparations are happening

Mark your calendars for October 20 2012 for Denver's annual Zombie Crawl. I don't remember why I couldn't go last year (oh wait yes I do. Dustin lied about having to work the weekend it was happening to get out of coming to get his child for the night) but I am definitively attending this one. I registered last night actually, and then I registered Abbey, and then I registered Brandon...neither of them know I did this yet but they will. They'll figure it out when I hand over their costumes. 
Oh that's right, we're going ham this year. 
I decided a few weeks ago that I definitively wanted to go as one of the Disney Princesses. After much consideration and debates last night with my sister we decided Sleeping Beauty was the way to go. I originally wanted to go as Megera from Hercules. 
Because...we have the same name(ish), she has the best dress, and the most attitude. And Hercules is probably my favorite Disney movie. But as Austin pointed out, she's not a princess and probably wouldn't be that recognizable.  
Clearly we discussed Ariel from the Little Mermaid, she's a ginger, I'm a ginger blah blah blah 
But that seemed too obvious for me and like hello I don't think there are zombie fish. Oh yes, we discussed the logistics of zombie mermaids. 
Anyways...Sleeping Beauty it is. 
I mean, she was like as good as dead for 100 years. And she's really the closest I can get in looks other than Ariel or Cinderella. I'm basing this on that we're both white and my hair is strawberry blonde. Alice would have been a good choice but again, too obvious. I supposed I really could have chosen a Star Wars character but for some reason I'm really set on this princess idea
Only it will be a little less this
And a lot more like this
But with white thigh highs and stripper shoes and blood and guts, kind of like this...
I happen to be pretty damn good at gory, zombie type styles of makeup. So it should be pretty good. 
Last night I actaully spent hours upon hours trying to find the closest, cheapest, skankiest costume I could online with no luck. I thought it was happening next month and ordering wholesale takes some serious shipping time. Luckily it's still more than two months away which gives me more than enough time to keep searching. When I do get everything I'm planning on doing a few test runs. Seeing which way of death goes with the outfit, bloody upping the costume and tights. Perhaps making a few props. Like I said, going all fuckin out. And if Abbey ends up going she'll be one of the porky fairy Godmothers. If  Brandon (if he even wants to go with me then) will be like idk, probably nothing, he doesn't seem like the dressing up kind of guy. 

Thursday, August 9, 2012


Just had a project fail on me because of my own stupidity. I hate HATE when I think I've thought of everything and then something sneaks up that I forgot. Ugh. I'm so annoyed right now. Spending money on projects that fall apart is the worst.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

More Star Spangled

I made these shorts for the 4th and then ended up not wearing them, and I think I've only worn them once or twice since. This is due to the fabric I used for the flag bits and how stiff it is. I throw them in with the wash every time I do laundry and hopefully soon it will be worn enough to wear. 
 To do the distressing part of these shorts you take sand paper (and a lot of spare time) and sand them down  till threadbare. When you get to the exposed white fibers being pulling out the blue ones. Wash a few times and you'll get the threadbare look of your dreams. 
I then inside outed the shorts and used cheap dollar store flags that I then sewed to the pockets. Of course, I no longer have functioning pockets, but that's ok. I still feel pretty shitty so these pictures aren't that great and  there's only two of them, but how many pictures can I really take of shorts right?
I've got another pair sitting in dye outside and hopefully they'll be good to go tomorrow.