Friday, July 13, 2012

Yo, my birthday is in 13 days

And while I'm not really expecting to get anything at all, if you happen to feel like being super awesome and honoring the day of my birth, here are some thing to consider. 
I shouldn't say I'm getting nothing at all, really all I asked for was for a babysitter for the night. And really that depends on whether or not my fucking ID is here yet, cause if it's not, then like, it'll just suck I don't know.
Thisone of theseor thissize 11/16love thisstill pretty obsessed with thisthisand if someone really wanted to be my favorite person in the universe, and finally this.
As I've said, I really don't expect anything, but if you feel like being amazing.
I'd also enjoy birthday cards and daisies. 

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