Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Ok, first off does anyone watch Regular Show? The episode when Rigby gets the "Summertime" song stuck in his head and they have to battle it out with anther equally catchy annoying song?
Aw snap
Aw snap
Come to our macaroni party
and we'll take a nap
No? No one else watches that show? Oh, ok then, I was just saying because it's been stuck in my head for weeks and when I titled this post it made me think of it and well,  there it is again.

Anyways, I haven't been crafting my life away lately, and while I'm enjoying it, I do sort of feel like something is missing. But it's summer so I've been out doing like you know, summer shit. 

Like hanging out down in Confluence Park, in this little river than runs through Denver. It's full of broken glass and sharp rocks and nothing makes me feel like I live in the city more. I''m not even hating, it's pretty great, might I suggest shoes though.
And one of my friends (Jake) actually in real life moved here from Savannah. So I've been like entertaining him till he finds someone more fun to hang out with or has to go to work. Taking him Denvery places, red Rocks, Lakes, DAM. Which, btw, I've never seen someone care so little about art before in my life. Seriously, ridiculous.
We spent a few days in Vail with Brandon for the 4th and it was beautiful.
 I've decided to stop hating Colorado because well, it's fucking gorgeous in the mountains, and everywhere else isn't nearly as bad as I make it out to be. And I'm pretty sure Brandon is tired of me complaining so yeah, done hating, everyone's happy. 
 Shit son, Vail was great. I want to go back, like this weekend. Abbey had a great time walking right out of our room to the pool. I almost wish it had been cold so we could have utilized the fire place.
So yeah, that's why I've been so absent, I'll work on that.
On a side note, I'll be 23 in 9 days and I'm really starting to think that my license won't here in time which is like, really horribly terrible. Let's take a quick run down of this.
18-awesome birthday, good friends, good food, sex store gift certificates, first tattoos
19-too poor to survive, living in Ohio, but insanely happy
20-just moved to Colorado, still pretty happy and lots and lots of tension
21-PREGNANT but I did get to see Against Me! for the first time, but still PREGNANT
22-crying, horribly, the whole day, I jut wanted it to be over
23-I deserve something epic.
fingers crossed.  

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