Tuesday, July 31, 2012

My favorite things- thrifted and local

So I'm going to do a mini series on my favorite things, in categories. These are, as the title states, my favorite things that I either bought locally or thrifted. 

 My tiny antique globe bank I bought at Horseshoe last summer. And yes, I did those paper cuts in the background. 
 My sugar skull painting my mom bought me for Christmas one year
 Everything that's going on here. Thrifted deer, thrifted nesting dolls, and then I created that little woodland scene. It's actually one of my favorite things I've made. 
 I bought this at Horseshoe this spring. There are these two girls who go around thrifting pre-1900s medical and science books, then they cu tut pages and matte them. I wish I could buy all the medical ones truth be told. I love old medical anything. 
My luggage. I really don't know what I can say about this to make it better than it looks. 


  1. I love it all... such good finds! Your little woodland scene is absolutely adorable! Glad your back to blogging again... seems like summer slows us down but that isn't a bad thing right?

    1. Thanks mamma! It's just made of polymer clay and sheet felt!
      And yessss it does! You think to yourself, oh it's summer I'll have so much time to get so much done, then nothing. I just spend my days chillin, thinking I'll do something later. Then suddenly the days are gone. I don't like it so much though, definitely need to get things back together.