Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I know this is bad

I spend a lot of $$$ on locally made, thrifted, and vintage clothes. I also spend a good share of $$$ on regular, less original clothes, F21, Free People, AE, UO, and so on. But what's really bad is that I just discovered a wholesale website out of Asia...they have everything I want at drop down in the basement someone's dead  prices. I know, I know, wholesaling out of Asia is bad, they're knock offs, no one can compete with them, blah blah blah. Hey. Mamma's got bills to pay too. I can't help it if every now and then I just want something cute and cheap. I feel guilty even writing this, oddly ashamed of my purchases. But I'm not a liar and I regret nothing and well, maybe you want some action too right?

I have ordered one thing so far, just one, because it cost me basically nothing and I wanted to try it all out before I committed to this crime against handmade. One thing I will say about this site is that all this shit is really made over there, by Asians, who clearly have no idea what printed English words mean. I'm sure that's how they feel about us and konji style tattoos but like damn. The over night/super sized canvas bag I purchased has the words MEAT PUPPETS and ANGST on it, lol that's just amusing. And I needed an over night bag. Did I mention you can buy everything I listed up there for  around $60? I mean come on...

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