Monday, July 23, 2012

Denver Roller Dolls

So yeah, this is what Brandon and I did Saturday night, it was fun, it's always fun though. I wish I could do that but like, I fall on a regular basis so why tempt fate with skates?
I did get these though...
I feel like a patriotic crime fighting stripper when I where them, so of course they're the perfect thing to wear on my birthday. Which I'll be spending at Red Rocks...with Brandon and Tenacious D. Oh yes yes.

And on a serious note. 
I live in Aurora CO, where that terrible massacre took place. And if anyone wants to hate on America ever again think about this: James Holmes, who senselessly murdered or injured 70 people, one of whom was my sister's co worker and another was a 6 year old child, is being kept in protective custody so that the other inmates cannot beat him to death. If this were any other country he'd already be dead. 
It hit us all pretty hard and all my love and respect goes out the the victims and their families and all we can do now is recover and hope for justice. 


  1. I knew I thought you were from aurora... I was watching when they revealed who the victims were and thought oh my goodness I hope not. What a heartless individual who was obviously too smart or should I say is so ridiculously stupid.You never know its right in your backyard. I'm glad you went to roller derby looks like so much fun!

    1. It is so much fun! There's another bout coming up in September and I can't wait to go.