Sunday, July 1, 2012


I feel like I've been blocked lately, like I have this fog over the creative parts of my brain. I don't feel like I've been making anything all the worth while. Certain projects I'm not even working on that much because of how long I'll know they'll take. I don't know, I'm just not really feeling it the past few days. To try and combat this problem I'm just loading this post of this that I find pretty and some all around inspiration and maybe I can create something out of this.
I can make these, really easily. Hey this was a good idea, I'm feeling better already.
Mmmm...90s Leo...
I actually have gone out and bought all the makings for a shirt inspired by this Spell Designs one, but, but, it's been so hot outside lately. 
Do you understand that this is the perfect summer look?
This is what I want to look like on a daily basis.
Do I have green hair yet? No. Then I still want green hair.
Hey, did you even wonder why I have * tattooed on my left back hip? I don't, I have ^ tattooed on my left  back hip. Thomas Campbell is my favorite artist and when I really really like something, I tattoo it on my body forever. Even if I just now decided that I really, really like it. 

Just one more thing, I can't order this shirt because they don't ship to this country...that's awkward. I need to brainstorm a bit on how to get it. But I really think someone should buy it for me, being as my birthday is next month. 

You're probably scrolling through this thinking, this is a random post. Yes, yes it is. See, all those picture inspire me in some little way. I want to recreate and make my own certain elements of each photo. It's like this is my inspiration board...yes I do actually also an online inspiration board...shut up. 
In case you want something a little more of the norm here are two DIY projects that I really want try out for myself...I just have a tendency to kill plants...12.

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