Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Second mobile post of the day! This is a good example of what they'll be like.
Just won an eBay auction for these babies. Sometimes it's the little things, like winning a pair of Jeffrey Campbell inspired turquoise 5 inch platforms for literally a fraction of the price that make my day. Sure, they aren't the real thing, I don't care. I was starting to feel like every blogger in the world had a pair of JC's but me, and well, I can't afford that shit. These'll do. Can't wait till they get here.


Trying out the new blogger app for
posting on the go. I'm sure you'll be able to tell these posts because (other than them saying so) they'll br formatted differently. Or maybe I should just stop center formatting? Like I said, just trying it out. Hopefully it'll be good for blogging on the go. You know, when you just want to mention something but maybe not go through the whole editing, planning process. Idk, we'll see I reckon.
And I wish I had the photo cred to this picture but it's been saved on my phone for ages and I don't remember from where.

My favorite things- thrifted and local

So I'm going to do a mini series on my favorite things, in categories. These are, as the title states, my favorite things that I either bought locally or thrifted. 

 My tiny antique globe bank I bought at Horseshoe last summer. And yes, I did those paper cuts in the background. 
 My sugar skull painting my mom bought me for Christmas one year
 Everything that's going on here. Thrifted deer, thrifted nesting dolls, and then I created that little woodland scene. It's actually one of my favorite things I've made. 
 I bought this at Horseshoe this spring. There are these two girls who go around thrifting pre-1900s medical and science books, then they cu tut pages and matte them. I wish I could buy all the medical ones truth be told. I love old medical anything. 
My luggage. I really don't know what I can say about this to make it better than it looks. 

Monday, July 30, 2012

It was my birthday

On the 26th, but as I'm sure you've noticed, I've been kind of sucking on the blogging. I hope you know I do feel bad about this, like when you know you failed a test and you're afraid of looking a the grades? That's exactly it. Anyways, I'll work on that and now back to my birthday. It was rad, Brandon took me to dinner and to see Tenacious D. And I didn't take too many pictures because honestly, I was jut having too good of a time. 
In fact the only one I really took was of this giant penis that was on stage. 
I did have the guys behind me, while Brandon was getting drinks for a minute, tell me that my shorts screamed American and thanked me for having such a great ass in them. Win. 
And now I'm 23. 

Monday, July 23, 2012

Denver Roller Dolls

So yeah, this is what Brandon and I did Saturday night, it was fun, it's always fun though. I wish I could do that but like, I fall on a regular basis so why tempt fate with skates?
I did get these though...
I feel like a patriotic crime fighting stripper when I where them, so of course they're the perfect thing to wear on my birthday. Which I'll be spending at Red Rocks...with Brandon and Tenacious D. Oh yes yes.

And on a serious note. 
I live in Aurora CO, where that terrible massacre took place. And if anyone wants to hate on America ever again think about this: James Holmes, who senselessly murdered or injured 70 people, one of whom was my sister's co worker and another was a 6 year old child, is being kept in protective custody so that the other inmates cannot beat him to death. If this were any other country he'd already be dead. 
It hit us all pretty hard and all my love and respect goes out the the victims and their families and all we can do now is recover and hope for justice. 

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I know this is bad

I spend a lot of $$$ on locally made, thrifted, and vintage clothes. I also spend a good share of $$$ on regular, less original clothes, F21, Free People, AE, UO, and so on. But what's really bad is that I just discovered a wholesale website out of Asia...they have everything I want at drop down in the basement someone's dead  prices. I know, I know, wholesaling out of Asia is bad, they're knock offs, no one can compete with them, blah blah blah. Hey. Mamma's got bills to pay too. I can't help it if every now and then I just want something cute and cheap. I feel guilty even writing this, oddly ashamed of my purchases. But I'm not a liar and I regret nothing and well, maybe you want some action too right?

I have ordered one thing so far, just one, because it cost me basically nothing and I wanted to try it all out before I committed to this crime against handmade. One thing I will say about this site is that all this shit is really made over there, by Asians, who clearly have no idea what printed English words mean. I'm sure that's how they feel about us and konji style tattoos but like damn. The over night/super sized canvas bag I purchased has the words MEAT PUPPETS and ANGST on it, lol that's just amusing. And I needed an over night bag. Did I mention you can buy everything I listed up there for  around $60? I mean come on...

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Ok, first off does anyone watch Regular Show? The episode when Rigby gets the "Summertime" song stuck in his head and they have to battle it out with anther equally catchy annoying song?
Aw snap
Aw snap
Come to our macaroni party
and we'll take a nap
No? No one else watches that show? Oh, ok then, I was just saying because it's been stuck in my head for weeks and when I titled this post it made me think of it and well,  there it is again.

Anyways, I haven't been crafting my life away lately, and while I'm enjoying it, I do sort of feel like something is missing. But it's summer so I've been out doing like you know, summer shit. 

Like hanging out down in Confluence Park, in this little river than runs through Denver. It's full of broken glass and sharp rocks and nothing makes me feel like I live in the city more. I''m not even hating, it's pretty great, might I suggest shoes though.
And one of my friends (Jake) actually in real life moved here from Savannah. So I've been like entertaining him till he finds someone more fun to hang out with or has to go to work. Taking him Denvery places, red Rocks, Lakes, DAM. Which, btw, I've never seen someone care so little about art before in my life. Seriously, ridiculous.
We spent a few days in Vail with Brandon for the 4th and it was beautiful.
 I've decided to stop hating Colorado because well, it's fucking gorgeous in the mountains, and everywhere else isn't nearly as bad as I make it out to be. And I'm pretty sure Brandon is tired of me complaining so yeah, done hating, everyone's happy. 
 Shit son, Vail was great. I want to go back, like this weekend. Abbey had a great time walking right out of our room to the pool. I almost wish it had been cold so we could have utilized the fire place.
So yeah, that's why I've been so absent, I'll work on that.
On a side note, I'll be 23 in 9 days and I'm really starting to think that my license won't here in time which is like, really horribly terrible. Let's take a quick run down of this.
18-awesome birthday, good friends, good food, sex store gift certificates, first tattoos
19-too poor to survive, living in Ohio, but insanely happy
20-just moved to Colorado, still pretty happy and lots and lots of tension
21-PREGNANT but I did get to see Against Me! for the first time, but still PREGNANT
22-crying, horribly, the whole day, I jut wanted it to be over
23-I deserve something epic.
fingers crossed.  

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Wasted Inspiration

So I've kind of been obsessing over this tee from Wasteland but let's be honest, no one was going to buy me a $66 tee shirt. I made this inspired one instead, it cost me $7
I think we all know by now that I am surprisingly patriotic so I chose the word "freedom" instead of "wasted"  and because well, I have a child only so many things are appropriate. 
All I did was outline my word in chalk, and used a Clorox bleach pen (part of the cost because I didn't have one) to fill it in and let it sit in the sun for maybe an hour. 
yep, green hair. Even though it's just the tiny bit I was going for and even though a boy told me in the lake my hair looks like algae, I still love it. I really and truly want to dye all the blonde parts green but I don't think anyone would appreciate that. 
And I look down a lot in photos. 

Friday, July 13, 2012

Yo, my birthday is in 13 days

And while I'm not really expecting to get anything at all, if you happen to feel like being super awesome and honoring the day of my birth, here are some thing to consider. 
I shouldn't say I'm getting nothing at all, really all I asked for was for a babysitter for the night. And really that depends on whether or not my fucking ID is here yet, cause if it's not, then like, it'll just suck I don't know.
Thisone of theseor thissize 11/16love thisstill pretty obsessed with thisthisand if someone really wanted to be my favorite person in the universe, and finally this.
As I've said, I really don't expect anything, but if you feel like being amazing.
I'd also enjoy birthday cards and daisies. 

Monday, July 2, 2012

Might I recommend

This recipe for home brewed iced coffee.
I've mentioned countless times before I'm an avid reader of A Beautiful Mess, and coffee...so when they did this super easy post of over night cold brewing I decided to give it a try. It's awesome. I use flavored coffee so I skip the spices step but man oh man, it is nice to have ready to drink cold coffee in the morning.
As for the rest of the day, I have to go wash a certain colored dye out of my hair, finish making my shorts for the 4th and get a few more things together. We're going on a little mini trip tomorrow and I can't wait. 

Sunday, July 1, 2012


I feel like I've been blocked lately, like I have this fog over the creative parts of my brain. I don't feel like I've been making anything all the worth while. Certain projects I'm not even working on that much because of how long I'll know they'll take. I don't know, I'm just not really feeling it the past few days. To try and combat this problem I'm just loading this post of this that I find pretty and some all around inspiration and maybe I can create something out of this.
I can make these, really easily. Hey this was a good idea, I'm feeling better already.
Mmmm...90s Leo...
I actually have gone out and bought all the makings for a shirt inspired by this Spell Designs one, but, but, it's been so hot outside lately. 
Do you understand that this is the perfect summer look?
This is what I want to look like on a daily basis.
Do I have green hair yet? No. Then I still want green hair.
Hey, did you even wonder why I have * tattooed on my left back hip? I don't, I have ^ tattooed on my left  back hip. Thomas Campbell is my favorite artist and when I really really like something, I tattoo it on my body forever. Even if I just now decided that I really, really like it. 

Just one more thing, I can't order this shirt because they don't ship to this country...that's awkward. I need to brainstorm a bit on how to get it. But I really think someone should buy it for me, being as my birthday is next month. 

You're probably scrolling through this thinking, this is a random post. Yes, yes it is. See, all those picture inspire me in some little way. I want to recreate and make my own certain elements of each photo. It's like this is my inspiration board...yes I do actually also an online inspiration board...shut up. 
In case you want something a little more of the norm here are two DIY projects that I really want try out for myself...I just have a tendency to kill plants...12.