Friday, June 22, 2012

Slave Anklet DIY

Today we're making bottomless sandals, or slave anklets, or as my friend Zach called them "fancy bare foot bracelets.  Whatever you call them, they're great for festivals, lazy days, or anytime you want to try to get away with no shoes. I do this a lot. 
You'll need, help/twine, beads, scissors 
 (It's really awkward to edit pictures of your feet by the way.)
Firs things first. You'll need a total of 4 strands, three on each side, on the the middle. Or you know, 3 really long ones halved and 1 for the center. Take your hemp/twine and wrap it around the toe you intend to wear it on, and tie off. This bracelet uses your standard twisted knots, which if for some ungodly reason you don't know how to do, here's a link.
 Next, add some beads in a pattern of your discretion. I added on bead every 3 knots all the way up my foot. 
 When you reach your ankle, tie off the bracelet and (yes I used black so it would show up better for this tutorial) cut off the center strand and throw it away, it's dead to you now. 
 Braid the remaining strands so it fits around your ankle comfortably, maybe add a few more beads and you're done.
Now rock your new fancy foot in style and may your barefoot adventures be prosperous. 

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