Wednesday, June 20, 2012

My DIY Leather Bikini Top

When I first started planning out this project in my head this is not at all what I was going for. I really wanted something more tattered and rough looking, with rabbit fur incorporated. I just couldn't get it to look that way. I've done these leaf/feathers out of leather before so I played it sort of safe and went with those. 
For the record (again), I can't sew...but I can restlye and embellish the shit out of something, eh? I bought this top at the thrift store and just appliqued everything on top of the base. By hand...I sew leather by hand because I hate my fingers...
Also, this is the only time I would ever buy a swimsuit from a thrift store...even I have my thrifty limits. 
And while I did make the feather crown to wear with this top when I tried it all on it was just too much. 
As you can see I did nothing to the back, I would have but my hair covered pretty much all of it. 
These my boobs. 
I'm rewearing this top for the Renaissance fair. I'm taking it from Native American to woodland creature with a new skirt and wearable antlers...I'm working on those now.  Yes...woodland creature is Renaissance. If my sister can go as a fairy, and people dress up like wizards and elves, then I can wear antlers and still fit in. 

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