Saturday, June 23, 2012

My DIY Antlers

Can I just say that I want to wear these all the time? Would that be ok? If I just went about my daily life and business wearing blue and grey antlers?? No?! Really? Ok, you're probably right on that one. 
I made these to wear with a costume next month. They have wire skeletons, which I needle felted around. (Click link for tutorial and explanation). I wire wrapped them around a cheap plastic head band and then covered the whole thing in leather bits. If you're going to try this use a material close to your hair color, it's look a lot better and um...natural...
Yeah, I've got a huge ass bruise on my arm, you should feel it. It looks like an old bruise, it's not it's still all swollen and knotty. 
After I felted to my liking I washed them buy hand in super super hot water, this is important. It causes the roving to shrink, making your project more sturdy and it also helps with the crazy amount of wool flyaways. 
Jewelry by MeganMakesCute, Dress by Free People

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  1. Awesome Antlers!! Sooo neat!... like the new banner!