Thursday, June 28, 2012

Leather Armband DIY

Have you noticed tat I mainly show you how to make things you pretty much only wear to festivals? Well, it's summer, the season of festivals. 
DIY Leather Armband
This is really really ridiculously easy to make. 
You'll need-
leather scraps
 paint and brush
Pick out a good sized scrap and paint on a design, I went with just a simple feather design. You'll probably need to do a few coats, depending on the the type of paint you use. I used cheapy craft paint so I went over it twice all together and then a few touch ups. 
Cut out your design, keep in mind the size of your arm and cut accordingly. Cut two slits on each side for the cording. And then for an added touch I cut little slits all the way around. 
Lace it up
And done. 

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