Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Lazy Days

Seriously, I need to reconsider amphetamines. I just don't think it's probably healthy to just not care about doing anything this often. I think amphetamines would combat this reaction I have to life. BUT OH WAIT. I can't go to the doctor because I lost my ID's the other night at Red Rocks...and I need Dustin to send me this piece of paper before I can go get a new military ID and guess whose not cooperating. He will, I know he will eventually but shit takes like a month to shit from Afghanistan and he should really just get on it. I can't believe I lost them...what the hell. 
Anyways, some days I just don't feel like doing anything at all. OK, this is most days but some days I don't even feel like crafting or taking pictures of myself. Really all I did yesterday was watch new Adventure Time and glue things into my Smash book. I even bailed on dinner last night because I didn't feel like getting dressed fast enough...
amphetamines, I'm sayin

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