Thursday, June 14, 2012

I've been absent

Because I've been busy. 
I normally do a lot of crafting and projects at night so when I'm not home at night, I can't get anything done. I'm trying to adjust that but it's summer and everyone is home all day. I don't like opinions until something is finished, and even then I don't really care for them. I wonder why the picture of strawberry boba's corners didn't round like the rest of them. Anyways, I'll try to do better but, despite how fat I'm getting due to all the eating out, I'm kind of digging not being bored and miserable all the time so I'm not making any promises. And in case there are any doubts, Abbey was there for almost all of these but I've decided not to post as many pictures of her on the internet.

Here's a quick run down, starting from the top left- A tag I found at the park, the YSL retrospective at the Denver Museum of Art (which they wouldn't let you photograph of this blog would be full of that amazingness), Rockies game, Shrimp Tacos, PBR coaster, Strawberry boba on froyo (nomnomnom), Brandon, Lannie's Clock tower, I forgot to wear shoes, a text I sent to my friend Justin one morning, thrifting, cook outs, Pierre, Comic Con preparations, and a bear whale. 

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